Seeing the growth and progress of children is one of the wonderful things about HH.  Here are a few more examples.

Valarie, age 10, has grown so much in the past year in several ways.  She is very tall for her age, and towers over several age mates in the house.  She was very emotional, and would sometimes cry or become upset over things we really did not understand.  In the past several months, she has become a helper, a leader, and very responsible.  She does things without being told or even asked.  We rewarded her with leadership of a room (with two younger girls –the oldest is the room leader).  She also likes to stay up later with the older girls and, given her development, we don’t discourage this.  This growth is exactly what we love to see.

Lina, age 9, is really sweet and quiet and not one to step to the head of the line and ask for things.  An activity that really put her in the middle of things, and that surprised us a bit, is dancing.  She loves to dance with the other girls and she is good at it, and is really coming out of her shell.  These are the kinds of things that happen in families.

Beyonce’, age 6, had been one of the youngest kids in the house and garnered a lot of attention, and probably got displaced as much as anyone when Judy had her baby.  She cracked us up when she announced that she did not want me (Daddy) to attend her pre-school graduation.  She consoled me by saying “Mommy can come, and she can tell you what happens.”  She is adjusting well.  With the new three-year-olds starting preschool, Beyonce’ looks after them, makes sure they get their lunch, and does for them what her big sisters have been doing for her.