Humanity Home is home to eighteen children near Kisumu, Kenya.

Because of Humanity Home, every day these children wake up and are greeted by adults who are glad to see them; they get to eat a nutritious breakfast; they go to school; they have school uniforms and supplies; they eat lunch; they have a safe place that they love to come home to; they eat supper; they get help and supervision with their homework; they listen to bedtime stories; they bathe and brush their teeth; they have a bed to sleep in. This is possible because of your help and support.

This building is wonderful for a children’s home. It has thirteen guest rooms each with a bathroom and shower, a huge kitchen, a large gathering room downstairs, and a large multi-purpose room / study hall upstairs. We can accommodate more than two dozen kids.

I first visited Humanity Home for two weeks in August 2017. I saw first hand what is happening there and got to know each of our precious kids. The experience was unlike anything in my life.

Humanity Home surpassed my highest expectations. The children are well fed and well cared for. Most importantly, this is a home, not an institution. The children are loved and nurtured. They treat each other like good brothers and sisters. They call the director, Judy Wariero, “Mommy,” and the staff “Auntie.”

See the 2017 trip report for the story of my August visit.  I have lived at the Humanity Home for three weeks in April 2018, three weeks in August 2018, 85 days in November 2018 – January 2019, 35 days in April – May 2019, 65 days in July – September 2019, and 85 days in November 2019 – January 2020. See LATEST ARTICLES. A scheduled return March 2020 was prevented by the Covid-19 pandemic.  An in-depth look of Humanity Home appears in the LATEST ARTICLES.

Despite years of planning and preparation, whether Humanity Home would become reality was in serious doubt until December 2016, when our host for seven visits to Kenya, who is a very important figure in modern Kenyan history, offered to let us use a guest house (hotel) that he owns which had been underutilized. Almost instantly, we went from dreaming to getting to work. We worked out a lease at an affordable rate. We made and continue to make some modest repairs.

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