New Sisters 2022

In September, a new girl came to us, referred by children’s services.  She was being severely beaten at home.  I will not even get into her backstory here because it is revolting, and our purpose is to give the child a life moving forward.  I describe her arrival and LJ’s magic touch in the article “LJ’s Superpower.”  When the other kids arrived home from school, they took their new sister upstairs and dressed her up in the prettiest dress they have, and were parading her around the house like a little princess, showing her where everything is.  From there, they had her in the middle of their various activities.

And you should see the look of utter disbelief on new kids’ faces when they see what we have for supper.  Within days, we had taken her for a medical checkup and to the dentist, and took her and one of her new sisters for pizza and ice cream.  These are unimaginable treats for kids who come from where these kids come from.  She was promptly enrolled in school. She is doing great.

A week and a half later, I had to travel back to the U.S.  It was not until after I arrived back here that I had time to reflect on how remarkable it is that we have created this family where a small child can show up on our doorstep, all alone in this world, petrified and with absolutely nothing and nobody else but us who gives a damn about them, and we (the whole family) know exactly what to do.

In October, children’s services brought us another little sweetie, aged three or four, who was much more sociable when she arrived and was in the mix almost immediately.  Meet our precious new children.