New Home


Since we opened in February 2017, Humanity Home was housed in a rented former hotel building. That building served us well and allowed us to create a family and grow. But we needed a permanent site that we control, with better school opportunities for our kids, reliable water and electricity, and quiet surroundings – one that will be home for our kids now and more kids in the future.

In 2022, we purchased a 1.14-acre parcel site in the Mamboleo suburb of Kisumu, hired an architect/builder, and designed an 11,500-square foot building tailored to our needs.

Today, that building is a reality –- another miracle. Cost of the building and land exceeded projections and totaled nearly 50 million Kenya shillings (at varying exchange rates, more than $400,000 U.S.).

Our new building is a two-story dormitory-style building with ten large bedrooms plus staff quarters, central bathrooms, a large kitchen and a very large dining/living room/study area/ community room.  The house also includes an apartment for Judy and her family and a suite where I live, both on the same hallway as the upstairs bedrooms.  It is designed to best promote our family atmosphere and culture, with everyone living under the same roof.

We have large front and back yards, a shaded area, and a covered play area.  We have a reliable well, indoor plumbing, and solar water heaters.  We could easily accommodate at least 36 children.  We will continue to focus primarily on girls.   There are numerous school options.

Earlier fund-raising efforts for the building achieved very modest results, so we were forced to utilize funds that had been set aside for future operating expenses.  We have a wonderful new home, but we will need increased financial support through donations in the future.