New Building Project 2022


Since we opened in February 2017, Humanity Home has been housed in a rented former hotel building.  This building has served us well and has allowed us to create a family and grow.  But we need a permanent site that we can control, with better school opportunities for our kids, reliable water supply and electricity, and quiet surroundings.

So, we have purchased a one-acre site on the outskirts of Kisumu for 8,500,000 Kenya shillings (about $75,000 U.S.).

Overhead View of Site

We hired an architect/construction firm to develop a design and construct a building.  We plan a two-story dormitory-style building with large bedrooms, central bathrooms, a large central kitchen and a very large dining/living room/ study area/community room.  The building also includes an apartment for Judy and her family and a suite where I will stay, both of which are on the same hall as the upstairs rooms.  It was  modeled after the features of our current site that best foster our family atmosphere and culture, with everyone living under the same roof.

Design Drawings

We will have large front and back yards, a shaded area, and a covered play area.  The neighborhood is quiet.   We will be close to numerous good school options, including secondary day schools that will allow our kids to live at HH longer, rather than having to join boarding schools.

Seven bedrooms are 15 feet by 12 feet and can easily accommodate two sets of bunk beds.  Three bedrooms are 15 feet by 18 feet and can accommodate more beds if necessary.  We could comfortably house at least 36 children.  We will focus exclusively on girls as we bring in more children.

Overall size of the building is approximately 11,500 square feet.  All dimensions shown on the design drawings are in millimeters.

1 meter = 39.37 inches.  1 square meter = 10.764 square feet.

The projected cost of this building is more than 31,730,000 Kenya shillings (approx. $280,000 U.S.).  This is a huge investment for Humanity Home.   We need a lot of help to make this happen.  PLEASE DONATE!

Our New Humanity Home Rises

Construction began in mid-June and has proceeded at a swift pace.  The foundation is made of many rocks.  The walls, interior and exterior, are all built of solid concrete blocks.  The floors for both stories are reinforced concrete slabs.  The only wood framing is the roof trusses.  A well (“bore hole”) has been drilled and a solar-powered well pump procured.

As of November 7, the roof supports are all in place, awaiting the metal sheathing that should arrive this week.  The downstairs interior has been plastered.  The windows have been fabricated and are being installed.  Plumbing is being installed.  We are being told it will be finished by he end of the year!

Enjoy the pictures of the construction progress.  We cannot wait to show you pictures of the finished roof and interior.

The cost of the building and land is going to be in excess of $400,000.  Although well worth it, this new home for our kids is stretching finances to the max.  Please donate and help us pay for this new home.