LJ Update 2021

LJ is growing up. One of the things that LJ has demonstrated over the past year is that she has a tremendous gift of empathy. An early example was when Judy was sad about something and LJ gave Judy her stuffed tiger to make her feel better. In 2020, when Judy was feeling ill during her pregnancy, LJ came to visit Judy every evening to check on her and cheer her up if necessary.

One time, the older girls were in trouble for some minor transgression and were being punished by being grounded to their rooms. One of those being punished was LJ’s sister, Annah. A knock came on Judy’s door. It was LJ, pleading her sister’s case and begging for her release. We had to love this. LJ’s sister was in trouble and LJ knew she could do something about it because Judy finds her irresistible.

LJ is doing well. Her English is improving by leaps and bounds. She is learning to read. She is getting tall. She is great with the baby, and the baby loves her. When I was at HH, I spent several days painting the upstairs hallway and two rooms. One of those days, LJ said she was feeling sick and stayed home from school. Turns out she had Daddyitis, and wanted to hang out with me while I worked. I let her select the music on the iPad/blue tooth speaker and help with a paint roller. In the afternoon, we took a break, got some sodas and chips and sat out on the balcony sharing those. The look on LJ’s face, with those incredible eyes, was beyond priceless.

The idea that this child had the opportunity and wanted to play hooky from school to hang out with someone who loves her is what Humanity Home is all about.