Transformations Seeing the growth and progress of children is one of the wonderful things about HH.  Here are a few more examples. Valarie, age 10, has grown so much in the past year in several ways.  She is very tall for her age, and towers over several age mates in the house.  She

Humanity Home May 2022 Update

Humanity Home May 2022 Update - Life at HH I had the pleasure of living at Humanity Home from December 2, 2021 until April 18, 2022, experiencing the rhythm of life in this marvelous family.  In December, we welcomed three little girls, Tamara (age 3) and sisters Esther (6) and Serfin (3).  Taraji,

Humanity Home 2021 Update

Humanity Home 2021 Update The pandemic disrupted the kids’ schooling for seven months. Now they are on a difficult, if not untenable, make-up schedule. Travel restrictions kept me away from Humanity Home for sixteen months. To reduce the risk of Covid, staff were required to live at HH. The kids were basically confined

LJ Update 2021

LJ Update 2021 LJ is growing up. One of the things that LJ has demonstrated over the past year is that she has a tremendous gift of empathy. An early example was when Judy was sad about something and LJ gave Judy her stuffed tiger to make her feel better. In 2020, when

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