Humanity Home’s Director, Judy Wariero, sees the transformation of our children every day. As an eleven-year-old girl enthusiastically rehearsed a Swahili poetry recitation for a schools’ festival, Judy observed:

When M arrived at HH in September, she couldn’t say a word in Swahili, was very shy and sound was not coming out of her mouth. A few months later, she’s going to represent her school in a festival.

After the performance, Judy said: “I couldn’t control my tears while they were performing in front of a big crowd. M is so confident.” Concerning ten-year-old A, who came to us in January so far behind in school that we tutored her for four months before submitting her to a school placement interview, Judy reports: “A is coming up too, Very soon she will be on top of it. I can’t explain this miracle.” One night, two-and-a-half-year-old B insisted on sleeping with Judy. Watching the child sleep peacefully, Judy reflected:

This person who was hopeless and lost now has a sense of belonging and can demand to sleep on my bed. I have this miracle X 20. Talking about what a sweet kid our oldest is, Judy remarked: “If having one sweet child is joy, then I have that X 20.”