Location: Mamboleo suburb of Kisumu, Kenya. 5 miles from Lake Victoria.

Facility: 11,500 square foot newly-constructed building.

Population: 24 children, ages 4 to 18. 20 girls and 4 boys.

Staff: Three full-time staff who live at the home; three part-time staff; round –the-clock security service. Staff is led by Judy Wariero, our Director, age 35, known as “Mommy” to the children.

What we provide to our children: We treat them as our own. We provide love, nurture, three nutritious meals and a snack every day, safe rooms, plumbing, sanitation, companionship, clothing, shoes, education at quality schools, tutoring, and dental and medical care. But, as has been said, the greatest of these is love.

Major Expenses: Staffing, food, furnishings, equipment, supplies, school fees, school uniforms, shoes, clothing, medical and dental care, security service, utilities, building repairs and maintenance, and transportation.

Budget: Our overall operating budget is approximately $10,000 per month.

Results: Our children look completely different than they did when they arrived. They are healthy and well-nourished. They have a glow about them that, sadly, we just don’t see in other African children. They are happy, confident, respectful, energetic and amazing. They help and support each other.