My time at Humanity Home from November 2, 2019 to January 26, 2020 was filled with experiences that demonstrated who we are and the continuing transformation of our children.

I cannot emphasize enough that, unlike typical children’s institutions, Humanity Home is a family.  The kids love each other and look after each other. They are confident, healthy and happy and their personalities are blossoming before our eyes.  Younger kids constantly emulate the kindness they see from their older sisters.

We have family rituals, like Sunday in-house services at which the kids sing beautifully and Judy talks lovingly about doing our best, loving each other, and using the gifts and talents we have to make the world a better place.

Another ritual is walking to the river Nyando, about a mile away. On the way there and back, the kids frequently have their arms around others or walk arm-in-arm.

Going swimming at a hotel pool in Kisumu is another HH favorite.  Twenty-some of us pack into a fourteen-passenger van for the forty-five minute ride to the pool at a hotel in Kisumu.

And then there is barbecued chicken!  Many kids participate in this is lovely family time at the end of the day.  The kids absolutely love this meal.

Countless times there is just cuteness, like the time one of the little girls was pretending to call us on a cell phone using her foot as the phone.  Pretty soon everyone was trying it.

Days at HH conclude with story time before bed.  We always conclude by singing “You Are My Sunshine.”  Then each kid gets a big hug from each adult.

I only like to display pictures of the kids as they appear currently, because I would rather celebrate who they are becoming than dwell on the awful circumstances of their past.   But make no mistake, without HH the lives of these children would be filled with abject poverty, hunger and deprivation, little or no schooling, and insecurity in every sense of the word.

At Humanity Home, the children are loved and treated as our own.  They have secure and comfortable housing, good food, good schooling, medical and dental care and recreational activities and personal relationships with the outside world.  They have hope and joy, with lovely brothers and sisters.

In one of the many inspirational talks that she gives on Sunday mornings, Judy told the kids that sometimes in people’s lives it seems like there is no hope and then a miracle occurs that completely changes their life.  She related that shortly before she came to HH, she was working in Nairobi thinking about all the things she wanted to acquire for herself.  Then she and other church members helped a dying man achieve some security for his son, and she was touched by the man’s gratitude.  She realized that she had been looking at the bottle as half empty, wanting to fill it with material things.  Instead, she said, the bottle was half full of all the many things that she could do to help others and make the world a better place.  She told us that every one of us can be that miracle for someone else.

For more details about the miracle that is Humanity Home, see the full article with pictures: Humanity Home Reflections March 2020



Humanity Through Baseball Foundation was established in 2010 after Jim Cederberg and Drew Sauer went to Kenya to play baseball with kids. Baseball was completely new to the kids in Kenya and was wildly popular. Many of the kids we met were orphans. We formed Humanity Through Baseball to continue meeting people through the game of baseball and to help orphans and other unfortunate children in Kenya. In seven more trips, we have delivered hundreds of gloves and balls, played for hundreds of hours with many hundreds of kids and met thousands of others. Over and over again, teachers and school principals tell us that our visits will be remembered by these kids for the rest of their lives.

We have made friends, become part of families, and searched for the best way to change the lives of orphan children. We dreamed of creating our own home for children, so that we would know exactly how the home is being run, how the children are being treated and how our money is being spent. After years of preparation, Humanity Home For Children was opened on February 1, 2017. We have 18 children. More are coming. They are beautiful. Their stories are heartbreaking and heartwarming. Love and other basic necessities have changed their lives in ways that amaze us every day.

Please join us in this adventure of the heart and spirit.

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Our Mission


Children anywhere who suffer from lack of basic necessities are all of
humanity’s problem. They are also an opportunity to make a difference in the
world. The love, nurture, and other basic necessities that Humanity Home provides,
with your help, transforms the lives of our children.


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